Millennial Mental Health: The Gender Divide Amanda Bynes baby announcment Amanda Bynes/instagram

Child actor, comedian who starred in “She’s the Man” with Channing Tatum, has filed to end her conservatorship after nearly 9 years. Her parents, who were her guardians, were supportive of it coming to an end. Amanda was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and manic depression. Unlike many people, Amanda got the help she needed and seems to be doing well. But, however, this girlie decided to drop a track that made us question her taste in music. The thing is, the track low-key slaps, but the lyrics are just not it! Amanda’s part in the track is the best part. Her boyfriend Paul Michael is on the track, but honestly, I could have done without his lyrics, and his role In all of this is suspect. Like, what’s he trying to do with homegirl? After everything, she is putting her energy into something that allows her to express herself and we can support that. Check out the track and let us know what you think. Is it cringe? Has our taste in music been compromised? 

Also, why is it more often women who are put into conservatorships? Is this the patriarch taking control of women in the media? When men can be promiscuous,have drunken nights for all to see, or have mental breakdowns in front of the cameras; yet they have no conservatorships. These women were living their best lives, being young, sexy, rich and famous.

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