Millennial Mental Health: The Gender Divide

Child actor, comedian who starred in “She’s the Man” with Channing Tatum, has filed to end her conservatorship after nearly 9 years. Her parents, who were her guardians, were supportive of it coming to an end. Amanda was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and manic depression. Unlike many people, Amanda got the help she needed … Read moreMillennial Mental Health: The Gender Divide

LGBTQ+ Decoded

Happy Pride 2021! Since the gays are in power this month, we decided to break down the LGBTQ+ acronym for those who aren’t in the know. We also delve into historical figures; Barbara Gittings, Bayard Rustin, Bessie Smith, Cayenne Doroshow, Janelle Monae, Roshaante Anderson, We’Wha (Zuni), Miley Cyrus, Jeanne Sobelson Manford, Janeane Garofalo, and more. … Read moreLGBTQ+ Decoded