The Lollipop Guild

In this episode, Karl and Chris discuss their coming out stories in honor of Gay History Month and Coming Out Day. They also interview other LGBTQ  members to include: Cassandra Mendoza Jason Thompson Adam Chess Lakeya Nicole Duckett Bradley ——————————————————————————– Visit our website Check us out on Facebook and leave a comment @2BusyMillennials Listen and Subscribe … Read moreThe Lollipop Guild

Pickling Dick

In this 2 part episode, Karl and Chris discuss serial killers with the first official guest of the podcast Cassandra Mendoza. Please check out her website Please be aware that the contents of this podcast are disturbing.   Some of the people we discuss are: Charles Manson Jeffrey Dahmer John Wayne Gacy Ted Bundy Ed … Read morePickling Dick

No More Tube Steak For Him

In this episode Karl and Chris discuss fetishes, paraphilia and paraphilic disorders while adding colorful commentary to the subject matter. Some of the common fetishes we discuss include: trichophillia, S&M, pictophillia, podophillia and retifism to name a few.   Reference sources  

Dick Cheese

  In this episode Karl and Chris discuss body modifications and its presence throughout history. We touch on earlobe piercings, skull binding, scarification, genital piercings, tattoos, circumcision and neck stretching to name a few. Below are links to websites where you can find more information on bodymods. Sources … Read moreDick Cheese

101 Days of Summer

[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”450″] In this episode we discuss Funk music. If you are interested in this music, here are a few bands to check: George Clinton James Brown Ohio Players Earth, Wind & Fire Teena Marie Brides Of Funkenstein The Isley Brothers Click Here to view Chris’ Google Play Music Playlist Also, check out … Read more101 Days of Summer